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Pirelli Tyres

    Tyres are considered as the driving force of a vehicle by many people around the world. This is because they are the only point of contact between the road and your vehicle. However, if you desire next levels of performance from your car with an addition of safety, you should focus on buying a branded tyre. Branded and premium tyres are quite different from mid-range and budget tyres. Moreover, if you choose to buy an efficient set of tyres from Pirelli, you’ll be involved in a plethora of benefits as well.

    Our garage, TQT Tyre Centre, hosts a spectacular collection of new and fresh tyres from Pirelli that are guaranteed to enhance your safety and increase your driving experience as well. If by any chance, you are unaware of Pirelli’s journey in the automobile industry, allow us to acquaint you with it.

    Pirelli’s journey in the automobile sector

    Pirelli tyres is an Italian tyre manufacturer that was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. Since, 148 years, Pirelli Car tyres Nottingham
    has been serving its customers with top-notch tyres that promise innovative features and out-of-the-world perks. Moreover, the brand is now the 5th largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, and Dunlop.

    In the present time, Pirelli is an ideal choice for various car makers around the world. Brands like AUDI, BMW, Ferrari, and Land Rover trust Pirelli as original equipment for their cars.

    In case you are still in the indecision of buying Pirelli tyres, allow us to make you aware of its various models that we offer at our garage.

    Some of the best Pirelli tyres sold at our garage

    Winter Sottozero 3

    Winter Sottozero 3 by Pirelli is a new addition to the Pirelli family. Engineers at Pirelli designed this wonderful winter tyre to be even better than its predecessor- Winter Sottozero Serie II. With improved traction and next levels of braking performance, this winter tyre is ideal for driving on heavy snow conditions.

    If you are intrigued to know even more about the advantages of buying Winter Sottozero 3, have a look below.

    Spectacular advantages of buying Winter Sottozero 3

    • A self-supporting system to support your car up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs
    • 3D sipe technology for enabling enhanced gripping on dry road conditions
    • Functionalised compound for achieving superior gripping on icy roads

    P Zero ROSSO

    A high-performance summer tyre by Pirelli, P Zero Rosso is ideal for high-performance vehicles and SUVs. Moreover, if you are a high-speed enthusiast and want sporty performances from your car, you should definitely focus on buying this summer tyre.

    Below mentioned are some wonderful advantages of buying P Zero Rosso

    Advantages of buying P Zero Rosso

    • Improved safety on wet roads, all thanks to its directional tread design
    • Continuous groove pattern for achieving optimum control over dry roads
    • Excellent handling for wet road conditions because of its compact external area

    If you wish to buy these tyres online from us, just follow some basic steps and we will deliver them straight to your home.

    Steps for ordering your favourite tyre from us

    • Input your car’s license no. or tyre’s size and dimension in our tyre finder tool
    • Add your desired tyre to the basket
    • Enter your personal details like name, contact no, and address
    • Make the payment and leave the rest to us.

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