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Tyres are the most crucial element of your car that works to safeguard your experience and also enhance your comfort. Moreover, tyres come in different categories and price segment, in order to cater to your preferences. The categories of tyres are- summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. All of them work to provide you with exciting features and benefits according to the atmosphere of your region. However, as everything on this planet has some flaws, even tyres need frequent servicing in repairs, so your safety never cracks a back entry.

Our garage, TQT Tyre Centre, host a team of trained and experienced mechanics that will repair your car’s tyres for any problem in just a few minutes.

Nevertheless, if you are unaware of our tyre repair service, be our guest as we take you on a journey to our tyre repair Awsworth, Nottingham, Kimberley service and its benefits.

What is a tyre repair service?

A tyre repair service is an efficient service performed at our auto-garage that works to repair your car’s tyres for a variety of problems such as cuts, bulges, punctures, air-leak and lots more. The repair process begins with taking your vehicle for a test drive and examine your tyres for any inefficiency. Once, we determine the problems within your vehicle's tyres, our team wastes no time in starting the repair procedure.

Moreover, our garage host a plethora of modern-day equipment that can repair your car's tyres in just a few minutes. Ranging from a puncture seal to blocking an air-leak, we cover it all for you.

Now that you are aware of our tyre repair Nottingham, Awsworth, TQT Tyre Centre service, it is time, you get familiar with the reasons that lead your tyres to deteriorate, so you never land into serious troubles with your car.

Reasons for a tyre damage

Foreign substances present on the road: Driving can be a pleasant experience until you encounter a foreign material such as dust, dirt, gravel or debris present on the road. Hitting such substances often lead your tyre’s tube to incorporate holes and move to further damage.

Inadequate tyre use: Being a car owner, you must fir your car with an adequate set of tyres that work according to the terrain and weather conditions. In case, you plan to use summer tyres on winter roads, you’ll be inviting a plethora of issues and lead to expensive replacement cost as well.

Improper inflation: In order to function effectively, your tyres need a specific amount of air pressure. If by any chance, you drive a car with under or over inflation, you’ll be exposing your car to greater damage and, in turn, lead to tyre blowout as well.

A quick and easy solution- US

Our garage, TQT Tyre Centre, is committed to excellence and superiority. Therefore, we work to provide you with an excellent tyre repair Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley service in an affordable manner.

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