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Tyres have evolved greatly over the years. The techs being employed in the manufacturing of tyres, make every tyre unique in its own way. To end the confusion of which tyre to choose, EU in 2009 came up with the concept of labelling tyres on various parameters. The scheme later was named as EU tyre labelling. We, at TQT Tyre Centre, know the importance of choosing the right tyre every time for your car. Therefore, we only offer tyres with EU labels Nottingham on them.

What is the EU tyre labelling?

To help the motorists in the UK, tyre manufacturing companies were asked to label the tyres on three basic parameters. These parameters are fuel efficiency/rolling resistance, wet grip/braking performance, and noise emission/exterior noise. The labels are required to be present on the tyres at the time of their purchase. If that is not the case, it is suggested that the customer should ask for the necessary labels.

The parameters that are considered while providing tyre labels to a tyre are as follows:

Fuel efficiency/Rolling resistance

Most of the drivers believe that it is only the engine that maintains the fuel efficiency of a car. But that is half true of a statement. The rolling resistance offered by the tyres is also highly responsible for the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Therefore, tyres are labelled from A to G. A is on the good side while G is the bad side of the tyre for fuel-efficiency. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient tyre, make sure to buy a tyre with the grade of ‘A.”

Wet grip/Braking performance

Just like the grading of tyres on fuel efficiency, wet grip is also rated from A to G in the same manner. In case you drive mostly in wet conditions, ensure to buy a tyre with A rating. It will help your tyre with better braking distances. The tyre with A grade for wet grip is bound to have a lesser grade on fuel efficiency. Therefore, make sure to consider this trade-off before your purchase.

Noise emission/Exterior noise

The tyres are also rated on the noise emission levels they induce in the passenger’s compartment. The lesser the decibels level on the markings, the better the tyre in the reduction of noise.

At TQT Tyre Centre, we provide tyres that have EU Tyre Label Nottingham only. Therefore, if you are looking to buy new tyres for your car do check out our collection once.

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