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In order to ensure superior performances from your car, it must be fitted with an appropriate set of tyres that complements its specifications. Being a car owner, you should know that the tyre industry manufacturers three types of tyres- winter tyres, all-season tyres, and summer tyres. While all of them have their specific function, you should focus on summer tyres if you want to enhance your driving comfort to the next level.

We, at TQT Tyre Centre, are committed to providing our customers with top-notch summer tyres Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley from leading brands in the industry like Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, and Continental.

In case, you are new to the world of automobiles and want to know more about the concept of summer tyres, be our guest.

    What are summer tyres?

    Summer tyres are a variant of seasonal tyre category. These tyres are known for their fabulous performance on dry roads and terrains. In case, your regular tyres fail to provide you with the desired stability and mobility, you must focus on buying an efficient set of summer car tyres Nottingham from our garage. Moreover, these tyres are constructed with a hard-rubber compound that helps to dissipate heat and stabilise your experience.

    Also, if you are someone, who desires enhanced manoeuvrability, responsiveness and speed from their car, you should put a great emphasis on summer tyres. Our summer tyres are completely tested and follow the legal regulations according to the UK.

    In case you are interested to know more about summer tyres, give us a chance to present our collection of summer tyres Nottingham, Awsworth , Kimberley that are guaranteed to increase your safety and luxury on the road.

    Some of the best summer tyres that we sell

    Bridgestone Turanza T005

    A super-efficient summer tyre by Bridgestone, Turanza T005 is known for its effective and accurate steering capabilities on dry summer roads.

    Below mentioned are some more perks of buying Turanza T005.

    Perks of buying Turanza T005

    • Outstanding wet grip and out-of-the-box cornering, all thanks to its unique groove pattern
    • High-volume shoulder slots for better water evacuation and fight against hydroplaning
    • Improved safety and mobility because of its unique groove pattern.

    P ZERO Nero GT

    An outstanding summer tyre by Pirelli, P Zero Nero GT will become your ideal tyre if you like to drive at high speeds with grip and precision.

    Here are some of the best features that make P Zero Nero GT an ideal tyre

    Advantages of buying P Zero Nero GT

    • Enhanced mileage and stability, all thanks to its modern-day tread compound
    • Improved handling and increased responsiveness because of its unique groove pattern
    • Short braking distances even on wet road conditions

    If you want to buy these tyres from us, at TQT Tyre Centre, simply follow some steps and we will deliver them straight to your home.

    Basic steps to order your favourite tyre from us

    • Enter your tyre’s dimension or vehicle’s license no in our tyre finder tool
    • Add your favourite tyre to the basket
    • Input your delivery information like name, contact no, and address
    • Complete the payment and leave the rest to our team.
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