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Battery not just helps a car to start but it performs emergency functions as well. A battery is a collection of charges that can easily be converted into flowing charges to produce electricity. The battery also offers adequate current to the electricals and electronics of a car in emergency conditions. At TQT Tyre Centre, we understand the importance of the battery of your car. Therefore, our experts recommend you to get them maintained with every oil change or regular services. In case your car battery Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley has failed you, don’t worry. Drive your vehicle to us and we will provide you with an extensive range of quality car batteries to choose from.

Don’t let yourself feel the effects of a broken battery.

To prevent yourself from getting stranded on the sides of the highways, look for the following signs of failing battery:

Slow Engine Start

If your engine takes more than one turn to start completely, it means that the battery is failing to provide an adequate amount of charge. The spark plug in this situation is devoid of necessary current needed to produce the required power for ignition.

Reduced Light Intensity

Whenever you find that the headlamp or any other electrical is not working properly, it means the battery is not running on its full power. If the same is the case with your vehicle, get the battery of your car checked with an expert.


Corrosion is easy to seep into the connections of a battery. A corroded connection further leads the drainage of the charge and ultimately to a broken battery. If you see any corrosive layer forming on the connections of your battery ensure to drive it to a professional.

Foul Smell

As for a sign of broken battery, one must lookout for a rotten egg smell. Any internal short is best depicted with this foul smell of eggs.

Engine Light is ON

One of the best tell sign of battery failure is the check engine light. If you are facing above-mentioned issues along with the blinking of the check engine light on the dashboard, make sure to get the battery scrutinised.

A battery is made to last for 3-5 years depending upon the driving habits and maintenance routine. A battery can also extend its life expectancy if maintained brilliantly. Likewise, if not properly maintained the battery will not be able to run even for 3 years.

At TQT Tyre Centre, our expert carefully assorts the car battery Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley. The batteries at our garage are sorted to last longer than most of the variants available in the market. Therefore if you are in need of purchasing one, don’t forget to give our collection a look.

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