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The safety mechanism of a car is comprised of various elements such as tyres, suspension, clutch and most crucial- brakes. The braking system of your car is foremost the most important aspect that works to provide you with safe driving experience. Therefore, if you do not want to land in serious troubles such as loss of control, collisions and accidents, you must look after your brakes. In case, you are facing any problems regarding your car’s brakes such as increased stopping distances, heavy acceleration, you must get them inspected.

Our garage, TQT Tyre Centre, are committed to superiority. Therefore, we put our everything in providing your car with an efficient brake repair Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley service. Moreover, our team is trained in customer satisfaction and work to repair your vehicle’s components, so your safety standards are never compromised.

If by any chance, you are new to the world of cars and want to know more about our brake repair Nottingham, Awsworth TQT Tyre Centre service, be our guest.

What is a brake repair service?

A brake repair service is a part of an expert procedure that works to ensure your optimum safety on the road. Being a car owner, you should know that your car’s braking system is comprised of rotors, discs, callipers, and pads. All of them work in coordination with each other to provide you with accurate and effective braking performance. The brake pads and callipers work to press the brake pads against the discs and cause enough friction to stop the vehicle.

However, if any of these components start to malfunction, you’ll be involved in a variety of problems that can be a significant breach to your safety.

Now that you are aware of our brake pad replacement Nottingham, Awsworth, Kimberley and TQT Tyre Centre services, you must be acquainted with the reasons that lead your brake repair ;to deteriorate in the first place.

Reasons for a brake failure

Overheating: Although brake pads are very effective when it comes to slow down your car, it can also become a primary reason for brake failure in your vehicle. Overuse or improper use are some significant factors that generate a heat buildup in your brake pads. Therefore, with increased heat, the brake pads lose their gripping against the wheel rotor and cause brake failure.

Fluid leakage: Just like your car’s engine requires fuel, your braking system also generates power from a hydraulic fluid that is present in the master cylinder of your braking system. If by any chance, this fluid begins to leak, you must rush to an auto garage and get it repaired.

Overloading: Every vehicle has a specific load-index. If you overload your vehicle with excessive luggage and passengers, it will put increased stress on your car and, in turn, damage your braking system as well.

A one-stop solution for your car’s braking problems

TQT Tyre Centre is your one-stop solution for enabling a plethora of services like exhaust repair, MOT and lots of brake repair Nottingham, Kimberley more.

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